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Revenue grew 12 percent, from $ 5.77 billion a year earlier to $ 6.47 billion US dollars. Accepted Analysts on average expected market research firm FactSet survey, the company posted $ 1.37 earnings per share, on revenue of $ 6.51 billion. Future orders were up 7% over last year. Nike’s fourth-quarter revenue to fall in China, domestic sports brands also had a bad gimmick, although the London Olympics, but it seems the days of the sporting goods industry is still not better. Recently, Nike released its fourth-quarter financial statements, filing shows China market sales for the quarter fell trend. Compared with the third quarter, down 3.9%.

Total sales revenue as of May 31, 2012, Nike Greater China region in the quarter include footwear, clothing, accessories, reached $ 667 million, including a decrease of $ 694 million of 3.9% compared to the third quarter. Domestic sports brand is also bad days too. Recently, Peak Sport (01968) issued a profit warning, said material as of the end of June this year, six months and year ended December 底止 consolidated net profit year on year will be significantly reduced, mainly industry-wide this year, inventory adjustment and the weak economic situation , adversely affect the demand for sporting goods group. Company Qunian Duo net profit was reduced by 5.4% to 777 million yuan.

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At the same time the concept of promotion from Nike running series to the basketball, football field. In 2010, Nike set up a “Nike Digital Motion” (Nike Digital Sport), the goal of the department is to develop a variety of equipment and technology to help users monitor individual relevant statistical data at the time to participate in sports. However, the work of digital moving part is not limited to developing popular sports small equipment, through the use of digital technologies, their ultimate goal is to build strong relationships with consumers unprecedented.

The first new product after the establishment of Digital Sport, is with “Make it Count” campaign launched Nike Fuelband, the device can track the movement carried out the effect of running, dancing and swimming during training, and through a free App for movement with feedback. Movement can also be shared exercise program and data through a variety of digital channels such as Facebook, Foursquare and Path and the like. Nike shoes market earnings fell $ 549 million Nike after US stocks closed on Thursday reported earnings, fourth-quarter profit fell 8 percent, from last year’s $ 594 million, earnings per share of $ 1.24, down 549 million US dollars, earnings per share of $ 1.17.

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2006, Nike’s engineers in the University of Oregon campus noticed almost everyone uses iPod, they began to meet Apple team, finally came up with the idea of ​​a cross-border cooperation – with the iPod and running shoes running simultaneous recording user data . Nike running shoes to add a sensor, so the server can be on the one hand to monitor iPod inside runner’s performance, on the one hand to provide advice digitized, such as telling how far they need to run, play music dedicated to cheer for them and so on.

Finally, users can upload the data to the network, at community, they can be stored and analyzed the training data, get professional training advice, and share experiences with other runners and the like. This is not uncommon in the case of cross-border cooperation, to Nike brought a new creative and perspectives, they found a point and the consumer dialogue, which produces explosive Nike is determined to continue to root out this direction, after help runners to fully exploit their potential Nike + series continue to emerge, including Nike iPod SportKit Sport Kit (applicable to like to listen to music iPod nano and iPod touch users in the exercise), Nike Sport Band does not listen to music users when (for running ), Nike Sport Band, Nike heart rate detector, and Nike GPS applications.

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Many market analysts, and its “rival” compared to Adidas, Nike and there are some deficiencies in the operation of multi-brand strategy. Adidas multi-brand strategy is more resolute, it’s either clover,nike air huarache white cyber, Reebok or Y-3, etc., are relatively independent of the promotion program. Nike is different, it’s on to the brand of investment, there is a clear preference. Hard to imagine that its subsidiary brands such as Converse, Nike can exceed the main brand. On the other hand, channel expansion of the road does not go smoothly Nike.

It is understood that, in 2010, Nike has publicly expressed desire to enter the four-tier cities in China, and is ready to launch a lower priced commodity. At the time, Nike acquired Umbro is regarded as the best attempt “leads the way”, but because of the fierce market competition, coupled with the Nike did not spend too much energy to operate the brand,nike air tech challenge huarache white, not only product updates slow, awareness is not enough and eventually had to give up the Nike brand. Nike endorsement star frequency bottom line turn holding digital marketing Beaverton, Oregon, Nike Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Nike”) office, the former Tour de France, “seven-time champions” Armstrong’s picture was removed from the wall.

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Nike had acquired Umbro, the one with the acquisition of Reebok to Adidas competition, and secondly, can make up the gap in football with Adidas. Nike aspect of the disclosure,said the sale of its brands in order to cut costs, in order to better focus on the Nike,nike air huarache white buy, Jordan Brand, Converse and Hurley these core brands. Parker, Nike president and CEO, said: “stripped of any business is a difficult decision, but this operation will help us to be more focused on having a high growth potential business opportunity.”

“This year, the sports brand industry overall downturn and difficulties encountered high inventory pressure and decline in performance, for Nike, the sale of its sub-brands but also to concentrate money and power integration with other core brands, those scattered and easy and the main brand ‘ fights’ sub-brand to sell, to a certain extent, Nike’s cash flow,nike air huarache white canada, the company’s performance and long-term growth rebound is beneficial. “The analysts considered the case. Publicly available data as evidence. In the last quarter ended May 31, the Nike’s net profit fell to 7.6%, the product inventories rose 23 percent; in the first quarter of fiscal year 2013, Nike net profit fell 12% again for 567 million dollar, current gross margin is the seventh consecutive quarter of year on year decline.

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In the announced $ 225 million sale of its brand Umbro (Umbro), the reporter was informed yesterday, once again plans to its Nike shoes and bags brand Cole Haan peel, that is $ 500 million sale to private equity firm Apax. nike air huarache white black pure platinum,Currently, the two sides have entered the final stages of negotiation. “From the perspective of channel development, Nike has frequently sell its brand of practice is well understood.” An unnamed garment industry analysts to accept the “International Finance,” she told reporters that the past few years, Nike tried to China three four cities infiltrate, but this attempt was not successful.

Nike channel development mainly depends on Baosheng and Belle both professional channels, but Baosheng currently shrink the front, while Belle’s main channels concentrated in a second-tier cities, do not have the ability to go to three or four lines. Recently, Nike announced it had agreed to the price of $ 225 million to US brand management company Iconix B rand G roupInc (hereinafter referred to as “Iconix”) to sell its brand Umbro. Based on the expected sale of Umbro’s transaction will be completed by the end of air huarache white black bright magenta, Four years ago, when Nike acquired Umbro, the transaction price of up to $ 565 million, now $ 225 million of resale prices significantly lower.

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The new running shoes to maintain the aesthetics of this series of traditional sports style and performance to achieve a comprehensive update on: full charge of air light Ren more flexible than ever, NikeHyperfuse vamp to reduce the weight and increase the permeability, NikeDynamicFlywire (dynamic fly line technology) to improve stability,nike air huarache white black wolf grey, to ensure the safety of the runners feet. If you are a mild varus or normal gait (underpronatedtoneutralgait) runners, are looking for a pair of running shoes with excellent control force, it can help you from the foot from heel to toe to complete the process we have come to realize great comfort and cushioning, then AirMax + 2013 will be your best choice.

NikeAirMax as a mass favorite running shoes in the spring to upgrade again. In addition to the continuation of the previous light within comfortable boots and NikeHyperfuse technology provides, breathability, durability and a seamless fit feeling, upper middle and into the super lightweight and breathable mesh NikeRunning latest dynamic fly line technology, nike air huarache white blue,to bring you a comfortable wearing experience dynamic fit. The biggest highlight of which is the use of new running shoes MaxAir air apparatus, tubular geometry is designed to enhance the flexibility of the forefoot, bring more soft, comfortable foot feeling, while improving the cushioning protection. MaxAir cushion device in the production process to reduce the use of plastic, thus greatly reducing the weight, 10 yards Men weighs only 13.5 ounces.

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After 25 years, NikeAirMax gradually beyond its basic role as a professional running shoes, walked into the street from the runway, into the community, as the ultimate symbol of self-expression, passing people dream of unique beauty. NikeAirMax1 using the most sophisticated, cutting-edge science and technology, nike air huarache white black grey,and constantly improve and upgrade reopened the legendary NikeAir series shoes. NikeAirMax90, NikeAirMax95, NikeAirMax97 quickly throughout California and Japan and other markets. NikeAirMax soon became a symbol of hot news topics and self-expressive, it penetrates to a variety of musical performances and activities for young people in the field, it became synonymous with their birth year.

NikeAirMax1,90,95 and 97 have become classics, based solely on their name can infer the time to market, and without other information. Early 2013, Nike re-ignited the revolution. NikeAirMax series using the most cutting-edge technology, through a variety of innovative and remodeling, into the new elements. By using adaptable EngineeredMesh mesh uppers, nike air huarache white blue green,NikeAirMax1,90,95 and 97 without losing its iconic appearance at the same time, reduced weight and improved breathability. Meanwhile, the latest NikeAirMax + 2013 running shoes, has become the newest member of NikeAirMax series.

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Products, compared with the Nike + Running, Nike + Basketball and Nike + Training has been a qualitative leap in functionality, new transformation of the sole can be measured more movement user data, such as jumping height. And with the Nike Training Club and Nike + Basketball applications, Nike running outside and build two sets of new sport ecological subsystems. nike womens air huarache woven,Nike recently hit the two heavyweight product – ten generations LeBron and Kobe basketball shoes eight generations, have launched Nike + and two versions Edition. Nike has been apparent from the idea, and that is through a pilot application on the flagship products of core user acceptance achieved as soon as possible, thus boosting the popularity of Nike +.

However, Nike’s ambition does not stop there. As a sports apparel brand, Nike, who, after all,nike air huarache white womens, the lack of Internet genes, the face of mobile Internet applications emerging sports, if you want to further expand its territory, it must be outside the brain power to enrich themselves. To this end, Nike and the United States shortly before the second-largest incubator TechStars to launch the Nike + Accelerator projects to encourage entrepreneurial team use Nike + platform to develop more innovative applications.

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Therefore, another potential object of Nike launched Fuelband is in fact trying to establish a totally controlled by its own data supply lines. Get a good market response in Fuelband after Nike again in early June 2012 launched a sports watch with GPS functionality cooperation with well-known supplier of navigation products TomTom, nike air huarache womens wolf grey white,to further consolidate their data supply lines. After the death of Steve Jobs, Apple’s head of the magical aura is gradually faded. Nike and Apple have begun to become more loose cooperation.

Is a landmark event in late June 2012, Nike will own the most popular on the iOS platform Nike + Running ported to the Android platform. So far, Nike digital sports kingdom’s defense was finally built, Next, Nike do naturally is exploiting the boundary. In February 2012, Nike in the United States released two new products –Nike + Basketball and Nike + air huarache womens white mono, Deep run in six years, the first time Nike + Nike tentacles extend to the movement among other categories. A noteworthy detail is that on these two products matching shoes special sensors, could not see the Apple Logo.